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Books from Backstage Coach Productions


The Performance Dictionary:
A powerhouse of terminology for dancers and the entertainment industry


  Sample pages: 4 | 34 | 38 | 60 | 64 | 77 | 92 |99 |111 | 151 | 163


•  Empowers students, teachers and choreographers in the performing arts with a rich and descriptive vocabulary


A must read for anyone in the entertainment business




“Having a quick resource at the fingertips to use as an easy reference has been made much simpler. Running a musical theatre school for all ages and levels requires a multitude of tools with which to work. The Performance Dictionary is just such a tool and a nice addition to any performance arts library. Nice gift idea for any aspiring ‘triple threat’ too.”


— Vicki Squires, choreographer, teacher and artistic director of The Dallas Summer Musicals School of Musical Theatre


“Gina Sawyer has put together a dictionary of entertainment knowledge. This is a must have for anyone that is wanting to get into the biz. This book is definitely beneficial to help you make your way up that entertainment ladder.”


— Jeff Fenter, S.T.A.G.E., Society for Theatrical Artists Guidance and Entertainment


“What an amazing tool for educators and students alike! You no longer need to search various books to gain insight and terminology necessary for the performance artist because now it is all in ONE resource. Everyone needs this book in their library as a staple for their professions!”


 “As someone who has taught and performed nationally and internationally at all levels of education for dance and theatre, I highly recommend this book, as a training tool and general resource for educators, professionals and students of: dance studios, K-12 school systems, dance/drill teams, college/university dance and theater departments, collegiate and pro-team dance/pom teams, artistic directors, etc. Everyone needs this book in their library repertoire as a staple for their professions! Congratulations, Gina!”


— Elizabeth Gormly de Moraes, M.A., M.F.A.



American Dance Team Leader:
The No. 1 audition guide for dance captains, leaders and officers


•  Sample pages: Interview Scoresheet | 19 | 27 | 46 | 53 | 61


•  The No. 1 audition guide for dance captains, leaders and officers.


• Take the test and find out if you have what it takes to be a leader.


• Both dancers and directors will appreciate the leadership vocabulary, interview questions, performance tips and score sheets. A great preparation guide for team leader auditions.

American Dance Team Leader Includes:


 –   A winning attitude: Learn how to act and speak like a true leader.


 –   Leadership I.Q. test: Do you have what it takes to lead a dance team? Find out your leadership savvy by taking the test.


 –   Answer key to test: Just like the SAT, the answer key provides an explanation for both right and wrong answers.


 –   The performance: Learn how to prepare for the audition.


 –   Ace the interview: Understand how the candidate, judge, and director all benefit from a fair adjudication.


 –   Interview do’s and don’ts: Find out what will make you a hit and what will make you miss.


 –   Fifty practice questions: Practice makes permanent.


 –   Dance, interview and leadership score sheets: Ask a friend to be the judge, and use the sample score sheets for practice.




“The handbook is really informative. I am much more confident after taking the test and there were things I would never have known to do.”


Lindsay, First Lieutenant, Rockwall High School Stingerettes


“That officer book was a godsend! You’ll probably sell millions!”


— Amberly Griffin Brown, Rockwall High School Dance Department