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Private Coaching

Private Coaching Services



Performance and interview coaching for dance team hopefuls and officer candidates.



Forty-Five Minutes: $60 Semi-Private $40



One Hour $100



1:00 Minute $150






Let’s get started. Here’s how we can help you. 
We teach dance technique, interview skills, and choreograph solos.  We also offer help with music editing for choreography.
What is Performance Coaching?
Performance coaching will include dance technique, overall expression of the face and body, and staging of the movement.  Dancers often train with us leading up to an audition.  Ensembles secure our services for a “cleaning” of the choreography before a contest.
Who are our students?
Students include high school and college dance/drill team hopefuls and officer candidates.  Dancers range in ability from those auditioning for the very first time, to trained dancers seeking leadership titles such as officer or captain.
Make an Appointment.
Most sessions include dance technique with officer candidates adding time for interview skills.  When booking an appointment please be prepared with dates and times of availability. I will then proceed to book either studio space or work out of your high school.
Your first lesson.  
I will first need to observe your current level of ability.  Come prepared with about thirty seconds of both a dance and kick routine so that I can assess your dance and performance technique. Bring a copy of the score sheet for your upcoming audition.  If applicable, bring scores earned from previous dance auditions.  


Kick technique is about increasing the height of the kick through strength, flexibility and endurance. Kick technique is a basic skill required for all precision dance/drill team members.
This training focuses on the dancer’s ability to correctly execute a variety of jeté and pirouette skills. Proper alignment, placement, balance, and control are addressed.
This technique increases the dancer’s awareness of presence.  Eye contact (where you are looking), expression (what you are communicating), projection (fulfillment of personal kinesphere in the space), and focus (remaining in the moment consistently) are principle elements of performance.


PROFESSIONAL CHOREOGRAPHY — We make the dance for you.
We offer professional choreography to make a dance that fits your performance style and reflects your skill level. You will perform with confidence knowing your dance was especially created for you.  Bring your video camera to tape your session. 
CHOREOGRAPHY COACHING — You choreograph the dance, and we coach you on best practices for this.
You make the dance, and we will help to edit and develop it.  We can help you create a skeleton of your music with routine notes to map out this creative process. Officer candidates who are required to choreograph their own dance may benefit from this training.


The interview often determines who will earn the highest leadership positions. Here you will learn how to present the very best “you” for the interview.  We address leadership skills such as character, creative problem solving, and team building.  Communication skills including both speaking and body language.  Candidates will practice responding to questions in a “mock” interview format.


How to present “you” on paper makes a lasting impression and provides evidence of your talents.  A well written résumé may also aid in earning scholarships.  Receive feedback regarding content, grammar, and appropriate word choice. An organized, clear, and thoughtfully crafted essay or résumé reflects a candidate’s potential to perform as a valued team member.   

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Gina Sawyer has personally trained numerous dance/drill team candidates for high school and college auditions. BackstageCoach® is the training source for today’s dancer.

BackstageCoach® Clients—

“Thank you again for the coaching you provided for my daughter’s solo. Your influence made a HUGE difference when she performed it at a national dance competition on Friday!!! The emotion in her performance was cranked up by 100%. Her director and others commented that it was the best they’ve ever seen her perform it.”  — Dance Parent
“With one-on-one instruction Ms. Sawyer helped me perfect my leaps, turns, and kicks. Through videotaping the session, I was able to see exactly what elements needed more work which in turn made my Apache Belles audition a success!” — Tyler Jr. College Apache Belle  
“Thank you again for your instruction. I observed my daughter playing back the video many times reviewing dance technique and interview tips. Your interview book has also been a tremendous source. Not only did she use it for dance/drill team, but also later for the Dallas Mavericks. Thank you again for all of your expertise.” — Dance Parent  

“I made CAPTAIN!! Thank you for all your help. You gave me so much confidence and I feel that I did my best job. I can’t thank you enough. I’m so excited! Thank you!” — Returning Officer Candidate